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Spring Porch Decor using Styletech Vinyl

I love spring! Everything is new, the flowers are blooming, and life is renewing itself all around us. What a glorious time of year.  Of course, spring calls for new decor items around the house and yard.  I had this fabulous frame that I decided to recycle from an old project. If chicken wire doesn't say spring I don't know what does!

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I used Ultra Metallic vinyl from Styletech for this project. I covered the front of the frame with Purple #142, the decorative stripes and the inside edge are TIFF BLUE #166.  Look how super glittery these vinyls are! 

I decided to go low tech for this project and just trace the shape onto the back of the vinyl!  After I traced I cut the vinyl about a quarter of an inch outside the lines to give some play. I applied the vinyl in two sections, trimming with my craft knife after applying each section.

Paper flowers layered together and misted with color add a finishing tough to the frame. The butterflies were cut using my Silhouette Cameo machine and I simply inked the edges on these. A hot glue gun allowed me to bring it all together.

Look at that glitter! The blue stripes added a little punch to the edge of the frame. A bright green ribbon finished the project off.

This project is a Mother's Day Gift - so mum's the word! Don't tell anyone. 

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  1. Wow those strip are great, they worked the same as paint would have on your project - and so less messy!

  2. This turned out super cute~


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