How to Etch a Photo Frame | The Flamingo Chronicals: How to Etch a Photo Frame

How to Etch a Photo Frame

I picked up this sweet photo frame the other day - the color and the size just appealed to me. Of course  I had to dress it up. Etching a photo frame is super easy and a way to add a special touch.

 I gathered a few supplies before I started;
etchall® etching creme
etchmask® stencil
Transfer tape
wafer thin die
StazOn ink
some assorted flowers
hot glue gun
Plaid Pickle Wash and Glaze

I started by determining my area to etch and trimming a piece of etchmask®. I used a Spellbinders die from way back to cut three little hearts.

I taped off the edges of the frame to make sure I didn't get any creme on it. After I applied the stencil I also taped the open edge to make sure I didn't get any extra creme on the glass. I am totally famous for this!  Apply your etchall® creme and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Because the glass was GLUED in the frame (thanks Broyhill) I used baby wipes to clean the excess creme off the glass. I left the stencil in place and used StazOn ink and a sponge to color the etched area. Since StazOn will also adhere to regular glass it is important to leave the stencil in place.

I applied a coat of Cottage White Pickle Wash from Plaid to the frame and let dry. I finished it with a drybrushed coat of glaze.

I finished the frame off with some matching flowers applied with a hot glue gun.

Be sure to check out the etchall® Facebook page to see more great ideas. There is just so much you can do with glass etching!