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DIY Etched Wine Glasses

Christmas is coming! It's almost here. Are you ready? You know you are going to need some last minute gifts for someone. Make your own DIY etched wine glasses using etchall® etching creme, some beautiful glasses, and silkscreen stencils. I LOVE these cobalt glasses - would you believe they are from Dollar Tree?? ONE DOLLAR EACH for these beautiful glasses!

The first step is to apply the silkscreen stencil. Follow the instructions on the package as every brand is different. They are available in the stencil section of the larger craft stores. I love this little grape cluster! 

Mask off the area that you do not want etched. Apply masking tape around the outer edges of the stencil. Cup the tape upwards so that the etching creme doesn't run. Apply a thick coat of etching creme and let it sit for 15 minutes. Scrape the creme back into the jar and rinse the area with cool water. 

I had the worst time getting a great shot of the finished glass so please excuse the reflection in this photo!! Using a silkscreen stencil gives a crisp, clean, etched image. There are so many options for stencils and bases - be sure you give this a try.

Check out the etchall® Facebook page for more fun ideas. 

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