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My Favorite Scrapbooking Storage Supplies

I get asked all the time what my favorite supplies are. It is so hard to narrow it down to my absolute favorites so I am sharing a few of my favorite storage items first. Since scrapbooking is my main gig as a crafter I am going to focus on those items I use for creating and storing my 12 x 12 pages.

WRMK 3-ring albums

Let's start with albums. Many years ago I switched to the We R Memory Keeper 12 x 12 Albums.  I love these! I had been using another brand but found after a few years that they DID NOT hold up well. They would shift with the weight of the pages inside. So I switched over to the 3 Ring 12 x 12 WRMK albums. I have been using these about 10 years now and I have not had one single problem. I have one color for each subject; Holiday, Vacation, Family, Each of my daughters, etc.

Iris Photo Holders

Next up is photo storage. I have 4 of these and I love how easy it is to find the photos I am looking for! In the front of each inner holder I keep an index card where I record the subjects in that holder. On the front of each outer holder I label the box loosely by subject as well. One if for family, one for vacations, one for my Girl Scout photos, etc. It is so easy to grab a box, toss it in my bag, and head out to crop.

Cropper Hopper Vertical PAper Storage
Cropper Hopper Vertical holders is where I store all my papers. I have TWENTY FIVE of these to hold my papers. I arrange cardstock by color and patterned paper by manufacturer. I also have specific holders for each holiday and special events (like vacation). These are super easy to transport - just pick the whole thing up and drop it in your tote. You are ready to roll!

Deflecto Stackable Caddy Organizer
Next up are my Deflecto Caddy Organizers. Y'all. You absolutely need these. They are the best thing EVER for hauling all your stuff to a crop. Be prepared to defend them - people are going to want to steal them from you. There is also a wheeled base so you can stack all your caddies up and roll them right on in. You can buy these individually or you can buy the bundle that includes 3 caddy units and the wheeled base!

Deflecto Tilt Bins

I have an entire wall of these beauties. They are AMAZING for storing lots of little bits and pieces. And you can SEE everything that is in them. The individual bins come out of the wall unit so you can take it to your work table. Each wall unit is the same length, so you can hang the on the wall in any configuration you want.

That about takes care of storage. I will follow up with a post on my favorite creative supplies.

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