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Create a Happy Banner

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I am really trying to up my happy these days and I want to remind myself to BE happy. I created this fun banner using supplies from Joy Iron on Embroidered Letters, Kunin Felt, and Plaid Crafts.

Start by tracing the banner pattern onto your felt. I like using a Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen. It glides easily over the bumpy felt and leaves a nice line to cut by.

I cut two layers using the same pattern. I cut the bottom layer using straight line scissors (I love my Ginger ones!). The top layer was cut using pinking shears, but I cut inside the line for this one. When they are layered together it allows just a tiny border of the bottom layer to show through. I used Alene's Max Tacky Glue for this project- it grabs quickly and holds while drying.

Have you tried the Fabric Creations paint line from Plaid yet? These paints are amazing on fabric. For this project I used a bright yellow for the base coat and let dry. Be sure to work the paint into the letters so no bare spots remain. I added a top coat of Fantasy Glitter which really pops up the sparkle!

Did you know that Joy Iron on Letters come with an adhesive backing? This is an amazing feature! It allows you to place the letters on your project and have the stay temporarily until you iron them on.

Use a low temp glue gun to add some cute pom pom trim to the bottoms of the banners. This one if from Expo International.

I made these adorable little tassels using the new Bucilla Tassle Maker. The set comes with three different sizes of tassel makers - this is the smallest size. I can't wait to try out the larger sizes.

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