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Freestyle Etched Halloween Lantern

Halloween lantern
Y'all I love Halloween! It is my second favorite holiday. For this years addition I made a new Halloween Lantern using freestyle hand etching! Did you know I used to be a wedding cake baker?  Yep, for a little over 15 years I made custom wedding cakes. I have been wanting to use my baking skills on everyday crafts and this was the perfect combo. 

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etchall® etching creme
I started by removing the glass panels from the lantern. They just slipped out from the inside after pushing the tabs aside.  I spooned the etchall® etching creme into an ordinary piping bag fitted with a small, round, piping tube.  This is WAY more than I needed for this project, but it makes the bag easier to hold and pipe with. 

freehand etching
I piped one of my favorite designs on all 4 panels of glass. This is by far my favorite piping pattern, and my most popular. This was my most requested cake design. Once the etching® creme is on the glass, just let it sit for 15 minutes to do it's work. Then scrape the creme from the glass back in the jar to reuse it. Rinse the glass under cold running water - don't worry, water deactivates the creme so it won't harm your pipes. 

hand piped wedding cake

 How lovely is this cake design?? I absolutely love it!! I made this pattern more times than I can count over the years!

Ann butler stamps and ink
While the creme is doing it's thing, let's make some fun ribbons to decorate the lantern with. Here I have used Ann Butler Crafter's Ink in Tangelo and a border stamp also from Ann Butler. I stamped the same design over and over on a piece of ivory grosgrain ribbon, then set it aside to dry.

hand stamped ribbon
How cute is that ribbon? So now you know it is super easy to make your own ribbon to match any project!  I tied a nice bow with the ribbon and attached it along with some Prima flowers to the lantern using my SureBonder Cordless Glue Gun. That thing is the bomb y'all - go get you one right now. 

Etched lantern
There you go! Easy peasy to make a fun holiday decoration that is uniquely yours. This project took less than an hour all together, including taking the panels out and reassembling the lantern. 

Hop over to the etchall® site to see more amazing things you can do with etchall® etching creme

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