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Paint Storage Solutions with Deflecto®

Y'all it's National Craft Week - are you getting crafty? This past month I have been working really hard on getting my craft studio organized and cleaned out. I have TOO much stuff crammed in there and it is getting hard to work. I have a TON of paint. I needed to find a way to organize my paints, brushes, and supplies so that I could see everything and know what I had. I used a combo of Deflecto® Wall Mounting Bars, Stackable Caddy Containers, and IKEA Picture Ledges. So far I am loving this new system! 

So much paint
This is what I was working with y'all. Now I am a Plaid Ambassador (they are an awesome company to work with) but I have been collecting paint for far longer than I have worked with them. If you've ever looked at my studio tour you will see that way back in the day I painted murals in the house using Donna Dewberry's One Stroke method. So,, yeah,,, I have a lot of paint!!

before organization
About the only empty spot left in my studio was behind the door. I had to figure out a way to utilize that space to store all that paint! Enter the Deflecto Wall Mounting Bars and Caddy Containers. I have long wanted to use the wall system in my studio and this was the perfect opportunity. 

IKEA Picture Ledges
I started by installing IKEA Picture Ledges on the way using drywall anchors. Each one of the shelves holds 42 bottles of craft paint. SCORE! Of course, once I installed them I realized I wanted to have TWO rows of paint and I wanted to have the back row of paint raised up so I could see all the bottles. I had to take a couple of shelves down and re measure! Learn from my mistakes! 

Organization set up

Next up I installed four wall mounting bars - three to the side and one above. I really wanted to maximize my storage here. I measured my longest paint brush and spaced the bars far enough apart so that I would have space for those long brushes no matter where I put them. I used a combination of Small, Medium, and Large Containers, removing the lids of each one. They come on and off the wall mounting bar very easily. You can take them off the bar and straight to your work area. 

Wall Storage
Next up was sorting all those supplies! I grouped paint brushes by use and size in the Small Containers. I also threw in some other random supplies that fit perfectly in them. The Medium Container is even large enough to hold my paint pallets keeping them right where I can see and grab them when needed. 

Bin of Stencils
I needed a spot to store all my paint stencils and a Large Container was perfect. 

Plaid Stencils
ALL of these supplies fit easily into the one Large Container! Talk about using your space wisely!! It is so easy to pull the container off the bar, sit it on my desk, and pick the perfect one for my project. 

Organized paint brushes
Look how beautiful that is! All those brushes, sorted into bins so I can grab what I need without digging through a bucket. 

IKEA shelves
Here is a look at the final project - all my supplies stored neatly and in minimal space. With room left over for my rolly cart too! 

Defecto Stackable Caddy

The containers are part of the Stackable Caddy System. This is such a great way to carry your supplies with you when you travel to crops or other events. They can be used for so much more than craft supplies too; baking, kids toys, in the bathroom, in the dorm room, etc. They are one of my favorite pieces of storage! 
This is a sponsored post.  As a member of the Deflecto Design Team I have been provided product and compensation in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions.

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Anita Scroggins


  1. Anita, this is awesome. Love your space.

  2. These ideas are awesome! I am moving and finally get my own room! So I'm looking for suggestions!!! Wanna come visit???