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Flamingo Cruising Ducks

Flamingo Ducks

Have y'all every heard of Cruising Ducks? It's a super fun game started by a young girl here in Texas. Basically you hide rubber ducks on your cruise ship (public areas only) and you tag them with your name and where you are from. When someone finds your duck, they can post it on the Facebook group letting you know that it has been found. Super fun! I had never heard of this until this cruise and I am super excited to play along!  Of course, I can't use plain ducks- I need Flamingo Ducks- and I have to decorate them!

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I started by opening my Design Studio software to use my Silhouette Cameo 4. I grabbed a heart file from my library and sized it to one half inch. I then replicated it until I got the number I wanted.

TIP: When using the replicate keyboard shortcut (CTRL + arrow key) it will put the new copy RIGHT NEXT to the original. I personally like a little more space between designs. So here is what I do:
  1. CTRL + Right Arrow Key to make the first copy
  2. Then I hit the Right Arrow Key 3 times to move the copy over
  3. Repeat steps #1 and #2 until there are 5 hearts side by side
  4. Select all 5 hearts
  5. CTRL + Down Arrow Key this will copy the 5 hearts directly below the original 5
  6. then I hit the Down Arrow Key 3 times to move them down a little bit
  7. Repeat steps #5 and 6 until there are as many hearts as you want
StyleTech Ultra Metallic Vinyl

Look how cute that little heart is! I used StyleTechCraft™ Ultra Metallic Adhesive Vinyl for this project. It gives TONS of glitter, but no mess! The best kind of glitter I swear!

Cruise Ducks

How cute is this little guy! I have about 20 more to add hearts to and then I need to print a tag to go with them and I am ready to hide my ducks.

Today I am joining in the fun with Craft Lightning GLITTER. Be sure to click on the photo above and go check out all the cool projects made with glitter.

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