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DIY Treat Jar using etchall® etching creme

I am always looking for fun ways to give treats to friends and family. I especially love packaging that the recipient can use again for something else. Mason Jars are one of my favorites! You can easily transform a simple mason jar into something special using etchall® etching Creme.

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Mini ball jars

Have you seen these little tiny Ball jars? Oh, they are so cute! I saw some in the local hardware store and HAD to have them!! When the hubs asked why I needed them my response was "because they are so cute!".  They are 4oz so they are perfect for so many things- candy is what I am going with!

Silk Screen stencils

I started by applying a silkscreen stencil; this one is from Martha Stewart. I love that they are sticky and re-usable. Win-win! I applied the stencil where I wanted it and then used masking tape to cover the visible portion of the front of the jar. I am a messy crafter and I would for sure get etching creme where I didn't want it without  using the tape! 

Apply a thick coat of etchall® etching creme and allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes. When the time is up, remove the creme and put it back in the jar. Etchall® etching creme is reusable!  Rinse well in cold running water and then dry. 

Etched Jar

You will get a beautiful image that is permanent! How cute is this! 

Xtreme Outty
Have you ever tried Tombow Xtreme putty? This stuff is pretty cool! It holds pretty much everything and it is removable. I used it to add some cute flowers to the lid of the jar, but they can still be easily removed later if needed.

glass etching

I decided to fill this one with jelly beans - the person who will be getting this LOVES jelly beans! 

etchall creme
Be sure to check out the entire line of etchall® products. Did you know that etchall is safe for kids to use too?

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  1. This is so awesome! I love that you etched a jar. I always thought you could only use it on casserole dishes. LOL Thank you for sharing. Your friend will love this! :)