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Thin Blue Line Wall Sign

My support for the Thin Blue Line is stronger than ever these days. Our police need all the help they can get with everything that is going on. As a LEO wife I always support these brave men and women who sacrifice so much for so little.  I wanted something for my hub's office wall to let him know that I am always standing behind him and supporting him - and I love how this sign came out.

I started by using a piece of plain pine I had on hand. I sanded it, painted with two coats of Plaid Folk Art paint, letting it dry between coats. After that dried I applied a coat of Folkart Pickling Wash™.  I love that stuff! Pickle Wash™ all the things!

This design is available from the Silhouette Design Store. I altered the size to fit my sign and I changed the font on two of the words because I felt that they didn't mesh well.  I used Glossy Craft Vinyl from StyleTechCraft™ for this project; Black #499, Red #464, and Sky Blue #451.
After cutting, weeding, and applying transfer tape I like to trim my designs pretty close and position on my project. I use an 18" quilting ruler to make sure my vinyl is where I want it and entered, then tape in place using a low tack tape. Purple Tape from Therm-o-Web is my favorite, it pulls up cleanly and doesn't take the paint with it!

After I have the vinyl in place and taped down, I remove the backing paper from half the design and apply to the base, then repeat with the other half.

I added thin strips of Ultra Metallic Black #128 to the outer edges to finish the project off. I am super happy with how it turned out and I can't wait to hang it in my hub's office!

 These are the paints I used. I love that Pickling Wash y'all!

Be sure to check out StyleTech Craft  Facebook page and blog for more great ideas using Glossy Craft Vinyl.

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