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Haunted Halloween Drinks using Dry Ice


Well,, it's after September 1st which means it is officially Halloween season at our house! I love Halloween - the decorating, the baking, the parties, and especially the food. We always have haunted Halloween drinks- everyone loves them. Years ago I learned the secret to making these bubbly, fizzy drinks and they are so much fun. The hard part is finding dry ice- everything else is easy! 

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 Vinyl Decals

To make my drinks extra special this year I pulled out some StyleTechCraft™ Vinyl to decorate the glasses.  I used Transparent in Magic Purple #403T for the glasses.  Using my Cameo 4 to cut the decals made this project go smoothly and the designs are from The Silhouette Store. 


Reverse Weeding

When I have tiny details to weed out from my design I like to use reverse weeding. Apply the transfer tape to the design before weeding, burnishing to make sure the tape is firmly in place. Flip the design upside down and weed from the back. If you have never tried this technique you will love it for small details! 


Cupcake toppers

Of course every party needs cupcakes. Every day needs cupcakes, but that would make my hips as wide as my couch so I try to stick to only parties!   I made these cute cupcake toppers using Matte Removable (Black 498MR) and Ultra Metallic (White 149) and my Cameo 4. Clear acetate is the background- I simply layered the vinyl on top. 

Cutting Acetate Sheets

Do you use the Offset feature on your Cameo? I am pretty sure that is the tool I use the most when creating. The offset tool creates a larger version of the original- a shadow layer.  It's perfect for so many projects. 

Cupcake toppers

I find it easier to assemble these when I turn the vinyl upside and then add the acetate layer on top rather than the other way around. This keeps the acetate layer from moving around - which I swear it always does! 

Cauldron drinks

How cute are those little cupcakes! I used the following vinyls:

  • Bat- Matte Removable Black 498MR
  • Pumpkin - Ultra Metallic Orange 148
  • Skull - Matte Removable Black 498MR and Ultra Metallic White 149

Now the secret for the bubbly, fizzy drinks is dry ice and some type of citrus juice. So make what ever kind of punch you like, and be sure to add either orange or pineapple juice to it. Break your dry ice into small pieces (like quarter sized) using a hammer.  I add a chunk or two of dry ice to the bottom of the glass, then add regular ice on top. This will keep the dry ice in the bottom and off your lips. This is especially important when serving to kids (which I do at Girl Scout Camp every couple years, and it is no problem). Pour your punch over the ice and watch the magic happen!  

 You can also use a punch bowl and add a large piece of dry ice to the bowl just before serving. This is pretty dramatic and you will get lots of oohs and ahs!

  • BE SURE to use gloves when handling the block of dry ice and tongs when adding the chunks to the glasses.  Dry ice is so cold it BURNS.
  • Keep the dry ice in a cooler out of the way.
  • Put the cooler outside when you are done with it. When dry ice melts it turns into Carbon Dioxide- which we all know is dangerous. 

Be sure to check out StyleTechCraft™ Facebook and website for more amazing projects. To purchase StyleTechCraft™ Vinyl head on over to ATSMCRAFT - the selection is amazing!   


I am joining in the fun for the Third Edition of Creative Halloween Crafts. So many fun projects! Click on the image above to see them all.  

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