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DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Glitter Ornaments


Nightmare Before Christmas DIY Ornaments
My younger daughter LOVES Nightmare Before Christmas. She played the soundtrack in the car so often when she was a teenager I had half the songs memorized. Over the years I have made and bought too many NBC shirts, jackets, socks, shoes, stuffies and everything else! I have been meaning to make these ornaments for a while and this year I finally got around to it. Using StyleTech Craft™ vinyl made this project so easy. I hope my daughter loves them!

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These were really simple to make with a few materials. 

DIY Glitter Ornaments

Start by putting a tsp or so of the Polycrylic in each ornament using one of the funnels, setting them upright in the egg carton. After you have polycrylic in each ornament, go back and swirl it around the inside of each ornament making sure to cover the entire inside. Add a bit more polycrylic if needed. Poor the excess back in the can and turn the ornament upside down in the egg carton to let it drain. The glitter will clump if there is excess finish inside the ornament. 

 Add some glitter using the second funnel, about a tsp or so. Put your finger over the end of the ornament and shake to coat with glitter. Pour the excess glitter out- I like to use a coffee filter so I can pour it back into the glitter container. Return to the egg carton - upside down- and set aside to dry. It will take a couple of hours. 

Silhouette Cutting mat layout

I used my Cameo 4 to cut my vinyl. I like to arrange all my pieces on one mat if possible when using my Silhouette Studio software. I sort the pieces by color and put a box around each piece for easier weeding. I cut each color individually, using the "No Cut" option to turn off the cut lines for the other colors. 

Have you switched to the Cameo 4 yet? I LOVE MINE! There are some great deals at Swing Design so now would be a great time to upgrade

NBC DIY Ornaments

I am loving how they came out. One year I hope to do an entire tree in the Nightmare Before Christmas tree- but I already do 3 trees and I am out of room right now! StyleTechCraft Vinyl

I have used a lot of vinyl in my days from pretty much every company. I **LOVE** StyleTech Craft™ vinyls. They are the easiest to weed - so easy that I rarely add weed lines to my designs anymore. They are BEAUTIFUL and they come in so many colors and styles- even textured! Be sure to check them out- there are great craft ideas and product info on their Facebook page.



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