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Fun Camping Helpers using StyleTechCraft Adhesive Vinyl


Camp Food

We love to go camping and I am always on the look out for ways to make camping less work and more fun. Especially when you are camping with kids- you need all the tricks! I picked up a few things to help out and of course I had to decorate them! I hope you like these fun camping helpers! 


Trailer Trash

First up is this small trash can I grabbed at the Dollar Tree. It is always a chore trying to keep trash in hand while cooking! I have tried a few things over the years and a weighted trash can on the table is the one I like the best. Now, we don't have a camper - yet- but we are actively looking at them! I can't wait to be able to travel with my hound again! 


Craft Vinyl

This plate cover also came from the Dollar Tree, and I picked up a couple of them. I created a cute file in Silhouette Studio using Text to Path. I applied to the top of the plate covers. TIP: it is much harder to apply vinyl to a soft surface with nothing behind it! 


Shoo Fly

How unbelievably cute is this! I can't wait to use them when we go camping later this month. 

Camp Chair

Of course my sweet princess needs a personalized camp chair! I used Glossy Craft Vinyl to create a two layer design and added some stars. I hope she loves it!

I used the following to create these projects:

Craft Vinyl 
  • White #492
  • Black #499
  • Lavender #434
  • Purple #439
  • Light Pink 
  • Tiff Blue #487
  • Gold #485

Ultra Metallic Silver #126

Be sure to check out the StyleTech Craft­™ Facebook page for great ideas and updates on new colors!


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