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Spooky Halloween Eyeball Plant


Eyeball Plant
OK- I know it is early, but I am planning a full make over of my Halloween decor this year and I need to get started! So, my very first project is this super cute Spooky Halloween Eyeball Plant. Look how fun it is!!! 

The princess and I had a great time making this project. It was so much fun and very quick too. Perfect for little hands and an afternoon of fun! 

You know I love ribbon- and grosgrain ribbon is right at the top of my favorite ribbon list. The fall colors of grosgrain ribbon from Gwen Studios are perfect for this project.  Gwen Studios is available at Wal-mart and Michael's online.

Gwen Studios ribbons needed: 

  • Yellow 3/8' grosgrain
  • Black 3/8" grosgrain
  • Orange 1 1/2" and 3/8 grosgrain
  • Orange polka Dot 3/8" grosgrain ribbon

Halloween Ribbon

So, I tried the technique using starch to curl the ribbons. I would say I had about half success-  I need to find a better starch mixture. The one I used left a little bit of residue on some of the darker ribbons.  But,,,, they still look beyond adorable! 


Monster Bush

Super cute,, right??   These eyeballs- the best thrift store score this month! I had been looking for some cheaper alternatives than I had seen lately and I found a whole bag of these for $1 a couple of weekends ago! SCORE! 

Curly Grosgrain ribbon

A little bit of hot glue added to some flowers I dug out of the misc craft bin and a Spooky Halloween Eyeball Plant was born!  I can't wait to get cracking on the rest of my new decor for this year. It is going to be a very spooky season! 


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