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Imagine Sublimation Trivet


Artesprix Trivet
The Artesprix Blank of the month is a fantastic trivet. There are so many possibilities with this blank! I decided to so some stamping along with the sublimation and make this Imagine art piece for the princess' bedroom. She loves to make art and I hope this inspires her!

Sublimation Markers and Stamp Pads

I started by using the Iron-on-Ink stamp pads in a variety of colors to stamp flowers and foliage around the edges. Then I used the markers to add some additional details to the stamped images. Remember,, plain Jane copy paper is what you use for your base - trace the outline of your blank onto the copy paper and then you are ready to decorate.



How to Fix Sublimation Mistakes

See that little tiny orange fingerprint that I managed to get in the middle of my copy paper while I was stamping? That will 100% transfer to your blank when you heat press it!!!!  Place a small piece of heat resistant tape on the copy paper to cover it up. Learn from my mistakes young Jedi!

Sublimation Ready to Press

 Once your have your design to your liking,, place your blank face down onto the copy paper and secure with Heat Resistant Tape.  Use enough that your blank has no chance of shifting. Trust me- you would rather use a few extra pieces of tape than ruin a project!

Sublimated Trivet

Ta-da! Your design is now permanent and won't wash or rub off. Now it's time to embellish my trivet to put in my Princess' room. 

Imagine pape piecing

I used a variety of stamps, dies, and card stocks to add this centerpiece in the middle of my trivet. This will make a fabulous addition to her art table in her room!

The Trivet is the Blank of The Month for February so be sure to grab them before they are gone. There are SO many uses for this blank. Check out some more fabulous ideas at the Artesprix Blog

Artesprix Iron on Ink

Thanks so much for stopping by. You can see this project and other fun sublimation 

projects on my Pinterest boards.  

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