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Sublimation Wine Stopper DIY - Easy and Fun


Sublimation Stamp Pads Wine Stopper

Now that Christmas is behind us my thoughts are turning to spring and all the fun crafts that brings. Valentine Day is not a huge deal for us, because our wedding anniversary is that same week. But, I still like to mark the occasion - and wine is a must! 


This month the Wine Stopper is the Blank of The Month at Artesprix and it is adorable y'all. You really need to grab one - or a couple - before they are gone. They are HEAVY too - much more than I expected. AND- they each come with 4 sublimation ready gloss white inserts - so you can change them up if you wanted to!


Artesprix Wine Stopper Sublimation

I grabbed a bottle of wine - Moscato is my favorite - added some lace to dress it up, and tied a matching ribbon to hold the wine stopper in place.  


Artesprix Wine Stopper 

Artesprix Sublimation Stamp Pad - I used Pink

Artesprix Sublimation Marker pack

Artesprix Heat Tape

Artesprix Protective Paper

Heat press - I like this one. It is easy to travel with and doesn't take up a ton of space!

Copy Paper



Stamps and stamping block

Sublimation Step by Step

Step 1 : trace the blank onto copy paper using a pencil. Never a pen! Pencil will not transfer onto the blank, but a pen will.

Step 2 : stamp your design on the copy paper using clear acrylic stamp and Sublimation Ink Pad. Remember- the color of the ink changes dramatically when it is heated!

Step 3 : I used a marker and colored over the stamped image to fill the entire outlined space. 

Step 4 : place the blank face down onto the design and secure with heat resistant tape. NOTE: this blank has a protective top sheet that must be removed prior to pressing. Don't be like me and forget that step the first time!

Step 5 : (not shown) make a "sandwich" with the protective paper enclosing the blank inside, with the copy paper UP. 

Heat press - for the wine stopper it is 385° for 45 seconds. Carefully remove from protective paper and peel one side of the copy paper back to make sure everything looks great before removing it completely. 

Ta-da! You have a beautiful sublimated blank. Add to the actual wine stopper using the double sided adhesive already in place, just remove the paper covering and press the sublimated blank into place. 

DIY Sublimation Wine Stopper

 Look how adorable this is! Everyone on your list is going to love getting one of these.

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