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Wedding Bouquet with Offray Ribbon

Good morning everyone~ This month I had an opportunity to work with one of my very favorite things- RIBBON! Offray Ribbon and Designer Crafts Connection are joining forces this month to show off the some of the fabulous things you can do with ribbon :)

I received some fabulous metallic ribbons in White, Lavender and Silver and the first thing I thought was WEDDING. So that is what I went with.
Smaller, family style weddings are my favorite, and it is pretty easy to make your own bouquet from fresh flowers.

Start by gathering your flowers and stripping all the leaves from the stems. Start with the flower you want in the center of your bouquet, and start adding flowers around it, holding them all in your left hand (or right, if you are left handed) as you add to the bunch. Once you have the bouquet as full as you want it, make sure the edges are pretty even and the whole thing looks balanced. Trim the stems about a couple of inches longer than your final length and use a heavy rubber band to hold the stems together while you work with them.

I made some small bows to use as filler in the flowers with Cosmic Lavender ribbon; set those aside for now. For the first layer of ribbon, I start at the bottom of the stems and tie a square knot with the ribbon to keep it in place; trim the short edge off. For this layer I used Cosmic White and wrapped it overlapping layers all the way to the top of the stems, tying another knot to secure; trim edges. For the top layer of ribbon I used a Silver Satin 3/8". For this layer you will need to find the center of your ribbon (I used about 2 yds) and place the center behind the stems at the bottom. Bring the ribbon around to the front and tie a square knot. Add a decorative floral pin in the center of the knot to keep it in place. Wrap the ribbon in a crisscross pattern up the stems, overlapping them in the front about every inch or so; insert a pin where they overlap (don't tie knots here). When you get to the top, wrap the each side of the ribbon around the stems a couple of times, then tie a knot to secure.

Once you have finished wrapping, trim the stems just below the ribbons, leaving about 1" showing.

I added a large bow made with the Cosmic White and Silver Satin, and tied it just below the flower heads on the front.

 I tucked the Cosmic Lavender bows in the top of the bouquet where ever I needed a little filler.

Be sure to add ribbon to your accessories so that everything coordinates! Here I used the Silver Satin on the cake server, adding a matching fabric flower on top.

Thanks so much to Offray for the fabulous ribbons to work with :)  Be sure to hop through the entire web ring to see the other amazing things the designers came up with.  You can navigate through the ring by using the logo on my right sidebar.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and have a wonderful day.


  1. Beautiful projects, Anita! I love the bead accents you attached to the ribbons. :-)

  2. wonderful use for weddings and ribbons, great job Anita!

  3. Gorgeous - I love the weaving with the pins!