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Hummingbird Vase with Connie Crystal and Etchall®

Good morning (or evening) and welcome to the Connie Crystal challenge at Designer Crafts Connection. I was so happy to receive the beautiful supplies from Connie Crystal to use for my project. I love bling and shiny things!

I decided to make a vase that I can use for all occasions so I pulled out a rectangle glass vase, my Connie Crystals, and my Etchall®.

 First step is to apply my mask and tape off the area I don't want etched. I applied my Etchall® Creme and left for 20 minutes. This stuff is reusable Y'all, so it lasts a long time!

While that was going on, I got my crystal sheets ready to add to the vase. I applied my pieces to double sided tape, then trimmed the tape down with an craft knife.

I used a piece of washi tape around the bottom of my vase to line up my crystals, peeled the backing off the tape and wrapped them around my vase.

Next up were the flowers, I layered some fabulous flowers from my stash and added some metal accents, pearls, and beads from Connie Crystal.

I used Glue Dots® to adhere the flowers to my vase, adding a few stamens to round out the bunch.


  1. Love your color scheme and the addition to your flowers! So pretty for Spring. Including the etch makes it extra special!

  2. WOW! This is just so beautiful. What a wonderful idea too, your hummingbird is so sweet.

  3. Lovely.....thanks for using our little "Hummingbird"...he is our signature bird!!