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Etched Monogramed Hurricane Centerpiece

We have a wedding coming up this spring in our family and what is more perfect for a table centerpiece than an Etched Monogrammed Hurricane? This is the south after all, we do love our monograms!
I picked up a set of these Hurricane Globes at an estate sale last fall and I have been looking for the perfect project to use them for. Wedding? Perfect! I used Etching Creme, etchmask®, and tools from etchall®, along with masking tape and a sharpie.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the etchmask®. In order to apply it to this extremely crazy curved surface I removed the backing from the center of the mask first and centered it on the hurricane.

OK. This project almost ended up smashed on the floor. Seriously. It was crazy difficult to apply the mask to this thing! I don't mind curved surfaces, but this thing curved out, then back in again. Notice there are a couple of bubbles in the mask - since they were in the part I was going to remove, I wasn't too concerned about it. I just make sure that there are no bubbles on the cut lines.
NOTE: - I use a sharpie to trace over some of the cut lines before I apply the transfer paper to the front. This lets me see where my design is so I can apply it where I want it

Finally I am able to take the transfer paper away and then I use the Squeegee tool to smooth down all my edges, just in case. At this point I am ready to apply my Etching Creme - let it sit for 15 minutes, then return the excess to the jar. (You do know that etchall® is reusable, right??) Rinse away the remaining creme and remove the mask.

Please forgive the outside in the yard photo. There were so many curves on this thing it was impossible to get a shot with no glare/reflections on it inside the house!

I welded several designs together to get this monogram that goes almost all the way around the hurricane.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out- now I just have to do it again so I have a matching pair. Sigh.

Hop on over to the etchall® blog to see all the great products, tools, tutorials, and projects available.

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