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Christmas Hurricane Candle Holders

etched hurricane globes
Christmas is coming!! Christmas is coming!! Time to get the decorations ready. I love etched glass decorations for Christmas and these Hurricane Candle Holders turned out beautifully!  I used two kinds of candle holders from the Dollar Tree to create these - so they are super cheap too.

Dollar store candle holders and etching creme

Did you know that etchall® is reusable? Simply scrape the creme back into the jar when you are done etching and reuse it over and over! 

outlining stencil cut

After cutting my stencil, I like to highlight the cut edge to make sure I get it aligned correctly on my project. I use powdered chalk and a pom pom. Simply rub the chalk over the cut edge and brush away any excess.  This makes it sooo easy to see once you apply the transfer paper. 

using etching creme
Apply a nice thick coat of the etching creme and allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes. Scrape the excess bake into the jar to reuse next time. Rinse the project under running water to remove any left over creme. Be careful not to get creme on the unetched areas of the project as it can leave a film. 

adhering glass pieces
I wanted to add some height to my candle holders so I added a plain taper holder under each one. I love using Tombow Xtreme tabs. They are a solid adhesive- meaning it isn't liquid so it won't run all over! This adhesive is so easy to use, simply apply to one surface, remove the tabs, and adhere to the other piece. The bond will strengthen over time, but it is re-positional for a short time after applying. 

Christmas hurricane globes
There you have it! This project cost me $4 plus the materials I had on hand. I may fill them with candy instead of using them as a candle holder - they have so many possibilities.

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