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Starry Night Etched Cake Plate

I have a real thing for cake plates. Like,,, I have a lot of them. Really,,, a lot of them. I bought this beautiful blue one a few years ago to use for a really small wedding cake. It has been sitting around since then in the cabinet. I decided to use some etchall® etching creme to add some fun decor to it. I created this fun Starry Night etched plate using just a few supplies.

One of my favorite tools that I use all the time in my projects is a small Fiskars hand punch that I bought years ago - a little star punch. It is about 3/4" and so very versatile! I punched my etchmask using the star punch and applied the stencils all around the edge of the plate. I taped off all the other areas to make sure that I didn't accidentally etch some where else. I am very prone to that. 

Apply the etching creme and let it sit for 15 minutes. Return the excess creme to the jar and rinse the plate. After I dried everything I used some fun new inks from ColorBox to color in the etched space. I like to do this before I remove the stencil from the project- it just seems to work so much better. This ink dries so quickly that I was able to put two light coats on the etched areas in about 2 minutes. I used a cheap dollar store make up sponge to apply it.

After the ink is dry, pull all the tape and stencils off.

You are left with beautiful stars! I love how this turned out. It was a super easy project that used supplies I already had on hand - always a bonus!

Be sure to try all the amazing products from etchall - and check out the website for fun projects and ideas.


  1. Lovely...lovely! You never siege to amass me!! Thank you!!

  2. Neat way to color the etched areas! Does the ink hold up to washing?

  3. it's lovely, would this be food safe? or for decoration only

    1. I plan on using it for food. I can't imagine there is anything toxic in the little bit of ink I used on it!