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Best Craft Room Organization using Deflecto

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It is no secret that I love to have my supplies organized. I simply cannot craft when my room is messy! With the New Year I like to take a look at my studio and see what needs a little update and re-do. So today I want to share my very best craft room organization tips using amazing Deflecto products.

 I use lots of different medias when creating my scrapbook pages and other projects. This bin was clearly not the best way to keep everything in order! It was a huge mess that took me forever to find what I wanted.
The tilt out bins are amazing for keeping your supplies organized but also having everything clearly visible and easily within reach - which is super important to keep track of your stuff. The bins can easily be removed to take to your work surface - and then slip right back in  when you are done. On this set of bins I removed several of the actual bins to better store my paints. They fit perfectly 9 to an opening and I can see in an instant which color I want.  To see more about this project go here.

For years I had a variety of  buckets and bins on my desk to hold small supplies. It drove me nuts and I finally found a great way to keep everything in it's place. The Rotating Organizer is the perfect solution for me

I removed the tops from the bins for easy access. I was able to put SO MANY different supplies in them and eliminate all the oddball buckets on my desk.The best thing- it SPINS! So I can just move it around to get what I want. To see more on how I used the Rotating Organizer go here.

Do you use lots of punches? I sure do and there are a few that I use on every project it seems. The Stackable Cube Organizer is my solution to keep my most used punches close at hand.  To see how I decorated this cute cube go here.

The Stackable Cube Organizers are so incredibly handy- I use them in so many ways. The 4 Drawer Cube Organizer is perfect for holding smaller pieces (and washi tape!) To see more on this project go here.

Did I mention how handy these cubes were??? Markers store in the X cube - this is the entire set of Tombow Dual Brush markers in ONE PLACE! 

Speaking of marker storage,,,,, the Stackable Caddy is my favorite! Amazing storage and it's portable!!  The Marker Storage Inserts easily pull out and sit on your work surface when needed.
To see more on the caddy go here.

Every desk needs something pretty and functional. The Pencil Cup with Photo Frames can be decorated anyway you want. I made this fun project for my DD1 and it looks lovely on her work desk. To see the details on this project go here.

You can find Deflecto products on Amazon, Scrapbook dot com, and at your local craft stores. Happy New Year and happy organizing!

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  1. I love this. I never thought about removing the bins to store the paints that way. Great Idea.