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Harry Potter KitchenAid Mixer

Harry Potter Mixer

Do you know a Harry Potter fan? My DD2 is a HUGE fan. She had a mixer on her Christmas list this year - but I really wanted to jazz it up. It was a no brainer that I would add some Harry Potter fun to it, but it took me a while to settle on the exact design. Plus, the lift style mixer doesn't have as much room on the neck as the tilt head mixer - so that was a challenge too. The space was narrow- I only had about 3" on each side to work with.

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 The "Potions Master" is about 1.25" high and 7" long. I added some extra stars around the words to dress it up.  (Note: Both sides of the mixer have the same designs)

Potions Master Mixer
I used StyleTechCraft™, Glossy and Luster for this project.
  • Silver Luster #885
  • Bright Green Luster #902
  • Black #499
For this design, I cut each color and applied them individually to the mixer, rather than layering them together first. This was such a simple design that putting each color on individually was just quicker and easier! Of course I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut my vinyl. Check out the sale bundles available now.

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