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Star Light, Star Bright Votives

Upcycled baby food jars
I don't know about you, but it is physically impossible for me to throw away baby food jars! I just can't do it. I used a few of the ones I had on hand to make these fun Star Light, Star Bright Votive candle holders that can be used at pretty much any party. New Year's Eve? Check! Christmas? Check! Baby shower? Check! Birthday party? Check! 
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These were so easy to make. Here is the super short supply list:

etched votive holders

Start by punching a bunch of star shapes from the vinyl/etchmask™. Remove the backing from the stars and apply them INSIDE the jars. Use as many or as few as you like- whatever looks good to you! Make sure they are firmly pressed down - because we are using the liquid we don't want any space for it to leak under the vinyl.

etching glass jars
Place the jars on a flat, level surface and carefully fill with the dip 'n etch™ liquid. Set your timer to 15 minutes and then go have a cup of coffee. Or a cupcake. Whatever, I don't judge!  When the timer goes off, pour the dip 'n etch™ back into the bottle making sure not to get any on the outside of the jars.

Rinse the inside of the jars and dry well. Remove the stars and decorate as desired! See, easiest craft ever - and the most versatile.  Be sure to check out the etchall™

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