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Buttons, buttons, who loves buttons??

button storage bins

It is no secret that I love buttons. I have a serious button fetish. I collect them everywhere I go.  Storing my button collection has become a small problem. Mason jars have been my go to for some time,, but then I stick them on the shelf and they are hard to access. I have lots of little plastic storage bins and while those make the buttons easy to see- it is hard to get just the one set of buttons you want out of the bin. I generally end up dumping half of them out on my workspace 😑 

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Enter the Deflecto® Craft Tilt Bins. Y'all. These things are the bomb. The best. Amazing. Seriously right up there in my top three storage pieces with my Alex drawer units from IKEA and my Ribbon Ring.  I have a WHOLE WALL of these bins and I store everything in them. 

craft storage
The individual bins come out of the holder so you can carry it to your work area, then they just pop right back into place. This is more handy than you think and once you get used to this feature you will wonder how you ever lived without it. There are times when I have several of the individual bins on my work table so that I have access to multiple embellishments. But there is NO mess because each item is contained in it's own little bin! Perfect!!

craft bins
The bins tilt forward and then hold in place so you can grab an item or two. They will stay in this position until you push them closed. 

applying vinyl
 I decorated the front of my bins with some Translucent Glitter Vinyl from StyleTechCraft™. When I applied the glitter I wanted to make sure that they were all evenly spaced across all five bins. So I pulled out a roll of washi tape and applied a strip across the bottom of each bin to line my vinyl up.
Craft Tilt Bins
Each Craft Tilt Bin interlocks with the units above and below it for stability. The Craft Tilt Bins come in a variety of sizes from teeny tiny bins to really large bins - but the length of each set is standard so they will all stack neatly. 

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