Cheese and Whine Anyone? | The Flamingo Chronicals: Cheese and Whine Anyone?

Cheese and Whine Anyone?

Would you like a some cheese with your whine?

So,,,, this is an inside joke in my family. I am sure you have heard the saying before. When I came across some cutting boards in a resale store I could not resist!  Cheese and whine anyone 😏😏😏 I can't wait until our next family get together so I can whip this out.

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I used my Silhouette Cameo software to design my cut. I measured the board and then drew a shape the same size in my software. After that it was a matter of picking a font and size, and figuring out the shape.

Would you like a some cheese with your whine?
This project uses StyletechCraft™ Transparent Glitter vinyl. This stuff is so sparkly I love it. A fun tidbit about the Styletech brand Transparent Glitter vinyl is it's the only one on the market that is glittered on BOTH SIDES.  So if you are working on a clear project you will have glitter showing through rather than plain flat vinyl.

To prep the board I washed it well and then dried with a lint free cloth. I applied a thin coat of board oil and set it aside until the next day. To see my process for transferring the cut design and lining it up on my project check out this post.

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  1. I am not sure which looks better the vinyl on the board or the food! Nice project.

  2. Love how this turned out, and yes, please, cheese, and wine for me! Love Penny