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How to Etch a Glass Christmas Ornament

It's almost Christmas!! Are you getting ready? I always need new Christmas ornaments and I love glass ones. These are perfect for using etchall® etching creme to personalize them or fit any theme!

For this project I used a large punch to create my stencil. Etchmask is perfect for using pretty much any kind of cutting system or supply you have!

Apply transfer paper over the mask - this will make it easier to transfer to the project surface.

So- I totally forgot to take a photo of this step- but here's a different project with the same process. Apply the stencil to your project surface, tape off the the edges so you don't accidentally get creme where you don't want it, then apply your etching creme®. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes, scrape the excess creme back in the jar, and rinse with cold water.

I finished the ornament with a white paint pen around the etched area. After that dried I added a large bow and that's it!

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