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Silhouette CAMEO® 4 - Everything You Need to Know

Silhouette CAMEO® 4

Y'all. I am so excited. I just can't even tell you how excited I am about this new machine. I was fortunate to go to the Silhouette CAMEO® 4 Launch Party and I am in love with this machine. You need one. Really you do. You are going to be mad if you don't pre-order yours and then all your friends are having more fun than you! Trust me on this.

Pre order CAMEO® 4

I pre-ordered mine and you can too.  Hop over to the Silhouette America website and add one to your cart. Use my exclusive code FLAMINGO to get free shipping when checking out. Seriously. Go now. I'll wait.

Did you get one? You are going to love it! They are shipping late September/early November.

So let's talk about some of the new features that come with the new machine.

More downward force

Silhouette is advertising a whopping 5kg of downward force. The CAMEO® 3 had 230g of force. WOW - what an upgrade!
At the launch party I was able to see the CAMEO® 4 cut felt and I was AMAZED. The machine zipped right through the felt and cut cleanly. I do a lot of quilt applique and I am super excited about this new feature. Especially combined with the new roller blade (more on that below).

Cameo 4 felt
Look at those cure little things!

Speed - super fast!

The CAMEO® 4 cuts at approximately three times the speed of the CAMEO® 3. It. Is. Fast. Y'all. Really fast. I was able to see it in action at the Launch Party and I was amazed at how quickly it moved.  The CAMEO® 4 has a dual tool carriage . Carriage 1 is for high speed and Carriage 2 is for force. They are driven by separate motors specific to their task.

Built in Roll Feeder

Yep. For those of you who cut tons of vinyl, the roll feeder is now built in. Previously you had to buy an additional piece to do this.

Cool New Tools

The CAMEO® 4 will have a suite of new tools.
The new tools and housing are designed for the huge increase in power of the Cameo 4 and will not fit into any previous Silhouette models.
  • Rotary blade- this is what I am dying to get my hands on! They are scheduled for release in November. This is what you want for cutting any kind of fabric. 
  • Kraft knife blade- this is the tool for cutting thicker materials. Think fun foam, mat board, heavy chipboard, etc.

The machine will also have automatic tool detection to allow it to automatically adjust to whatever tool you happen to load in the carriage — blade, pen, whatever — without you needing to fiddle around with settings in Silhouette Studio.

Single Tap Auto Blade

So, you know how we all loved the auto blade detection on the CAMEO® 3? But we hated that repeated clicking before each cut?  They heard us. The CAMEO® 4 has "single click" technology. It only clicks ONCE before each cut.

Other New Features

  • Built-in roll feeder allows you to easily load and cut rolled materials like vinyl and heat transfer.
  • Built-in crosscutter lets you trim vinyl or heat transfer right from the roll.
  • matless roller
  • Increased cutting length - up to 16ft now!
  • LED backlit touch panel
  • Improved roller adjustment
  • 3 mm clearance for thicker materials.
  • Sliding lid and backlit touch panel give your machine a sleek, compact aesthetic.
  • Bluetooth® connectivity allows wireless cutting.
  • Print & Cut registration capability
  • PixScan™ compatible
  • Driven by free Silhouette Studio® software to give you limitless design options to customize your project.
  • Mac/Windows compatible

The CAMEO® 4 is will be available in
  • White 
  • Pink
  • Black
The white version is available for pre order right now. The pink and black will come later this year.

Bigger is better

Are you dying to get your hands on a wider cutting machine? The Cameo Plus (15-inch cutting width) is expected to release in January 2020, selling at $399.99 and the Cameo Pro (20-inch cutting width) will release in March 2020, selling at $499.99.

Look how cute these cookies are y'all??? The stencils were cut using the new CAMEO® 4. They were so cute. And yummy.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook to see more information on the new CAMEO® 4 - I should have mine in the next couple of weeks. I will be over sharing for sure. 

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