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Etched Christmas Cookie Tray

etched cookie tray

I am full on in the Christmas prep mode. My favorite time of year! I needed a new cookie tray for the Princess to leave her Santa cookies out on. Of course I pulled out my etchall® and got to work.

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Etching supplies

 Gather up your supplies. I used:
I used my Silhouette Cameo 4 to make my stencil. Y'all - I love the new Cameo 4!! If you have been thinking about buying one - you should totally do it! Go grab yourself one NOW!

etching stencil

After cutting my stencil, I like to define the cut areas. I use some old chalks I have lying around and brush a little bit on the stencil. I make much fewer mistakes when weeding when using this technique!

Weeding vinyl

After I cut the stencil, I like to go ahead and apply the transfer sheet and apply it to the piece to be etched. I pull the transfer sheet off and then I weed it. It seems like now matter how careful I am, I will stretch the stencil if I weed first then transfer.  I also like to tape off the uncovered areas with masking tape. I am a messy crafter!

Apply a generous amount of etchall® etching creme and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. I'll be honest y'all,,, I normally just go do something else and come back to it after a while! Return as much of the creme as you can to the jar. Did you know that you can re use etchall®? You can!  After removing as much of the creme as you can, rinse the dish under running water. Be careful that you don't let any of the creme linger on exposed areas - it can start etching!

gold etched glass

Here lately I have been on a real kick about coloring my etched pieces. I love the way it looks! Gold Rub-n-buff is my favorite. I like to leave my stencil in place until after I have colored the etching. I use a cheap make-up sponge from the dollar store to apply the Rub N Buff, then just toss it in the trash.

Gold Glass
Look how sparkly the gold Rub N Buff is! It is perfect for coloring your etched pieces.

etched cookie tray

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you give glass etching a try!

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