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Flamingo Mandala using StyleTech Craft Opal Vinyl

Flamingo Island

Who else is ready for summer? I know I am. Summer means vacation for us and my favorite vacation spot is Flamingo Island in Aruba. We have been a couple of times now and I can't wait to go back! I made this Flamingo Mandala to remind me of how much I love it there. I used Opal Vinyl from StyleTechCraft™ for this project. It is so amazing. 

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Styletechcraft Vinyl
The Opal vinyl is like a color shifting ninja y'all. It is pretty easy to loose track of time just tilting your project back and forth in the light to see it change colors. Not that I would know that from first hand experience or anything,,,,,, just saying. 

Opal Vinyl
For this project I used Opal Blue #108 and Glossy Bubble Gum #469 from StyleTech Crafts®. 

Wood canvas
I used a Wood Panel from Plaid® for my base. These are 10x10 and they are so handy for all kinds of projects. I started by painting my base with Pink Dogwood Milk Paint. I only used one coat since I was happy with the color. 

Flamingo Crafts

After layering on my vinyl pieces I finished with some coordinating ink and a small heart stamp that I had on hand.  A black paint pen to add some details and I am done! 

Be sure to check out the StyleTechCraft™ Facebook page for product updates and great project ideas. 


  1. Flamingos are so fun and the pink goes great with the opal! I love this.

  2. So cute Anita! The colors of the opal vinyl is crazy! Love it!

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