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Ribbon Wrapped Head Band


Unicorn Headband

Y'all know I love ribbon - and I think everything needs some! I made this cute ribbon wrapped head band for my princess using Gwen using the new Favor Pack of Gwen Studios and a fabulous Unicorn applique. She LOVES all things unicorn at the moment! Trying to get a clear photo of the head band with her dancing around proved to be almost useless. That kid moves!! 

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Glueing Ribbon

I started by wrapping a pink polka dot grosgrain from the Favor Pack around a headband. I think I picked the band  up on clearance somewhere- I have a few of them! Anyway, it was pretty easy to wrap the ribbon around - I tried not to overlap the ribbon. 

wrapping ribbon

I secured each end using my low temp glue gun then trimmed the end flush with the band. 

Grosgrain ribbon

For the bow on top I cut pieces about 4" long from a variety of colors that matched the unicorn. Be sure to trim the ends neatly. Lay out a longer piece of ribbon on your work surface. Place a pipe cleaner (cut in half) on top cross ways, then layer on the pieces of ribbon - FACE DOWN. Bring the ends of the long piece of ribbon up and tie a knot- be sure to get it as tight as you can. When you flip it over, the pipe cleaner should be on the top with the knot on the bottom.  Secure it to the band using low temp glue. 

Ribbon loops

You can make some loops from the ribbons by putting a small dab of low temp glue near the base of a ribbon, then folding the ribbon end over to the glue. Press in place with the end of a paintbrush. I left some plain so the ends would stick up. 

Unicorn Applique

This is where the pip cleaner comes into play! Add a stripe of low temp glue on each half of the pipe cleaner and press the applique onto it. Allow to cool for a few minutes. (yes, I need to clean my mat - I'm just not there yet! )

Childs hair band

This silly princess loved it! And kept shaking her head all over so getting a sharp photo was hard! Anyway,, she loved it and that's what matters, right? 

Ribbon Favor Packs
You can find the Gwen Studios ribbon Favor Packs and Appliques in the 
craft section of your local Walmart or at Walmart.com