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Crafting with Artesprix Sublimation Markers


Sublimation Tag

This month at Designer Crafts Connection we are creating with Artesprix Sublimation Markers. I have seen the products demonstrated at shows but I have never worked with them before. I have to say they were fun and easy to use. 

Designer Crafts

Artesprix Blog Hop

I received a great selection of products to work with. I got to work with a variety of classic colors, pastels, and a woodsy set.  I also got two sets of tags and a set of small, zipper top bags to work with. 

Artesprix has lots of products to work with and a ton of tips on how to  use them on their website

Sublimation markers

I stamped my images using the Sublimation Ink Pad and colored in with markers from different sets. I wanted to see if I could "blend" colors with the markers, so I layered colors on the flower petals and the leaves. 

Before and After Sublimation

Here is the tag after sublimation and the design sheet I used. I was pretty surprised the original design didn't change that much during sublimation. I guess I assumed it would disappear since it was moving to the tag! Nope- it stayed put right where it was.

Sublimation Flower

 Here's a close up of the flower. As you can see I was able to blend colors in the design- but I think I need a bit more practice to make it smoother. I was pretty happy with how this turned out though. 

DIY Craft Bag

My second project was a small take along craft bag for the princess. The transfer was not as crisp on this one- but that was probably my fault. I am pretty sure I shifted the bag during pressing. 

Sublimation Ink

To create this design I used small stamps and colored the ink directly to the stamp itself. This was quite the time gobbler! 

Stamping sublimation Ink

My workspace during this process was a mess! 

Stamped background

Here is a look at my design before I pressed it. It is very random and eclectic and I think my princess with love it. She always brings art supplies when we head out somewhere- so this should be a handy place to store them for her. 

Be sure to check out the Designer Crafts Blog to see all the projects made. There are some great ones! 




  1. Love both projects - beautiful colors on the flower tag and I love the ribbons you added!

  2. Both projects are great. I love the blending on the flower as well as the pattern you created for the pouch.