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DIY Cheerleader Style Bow with Sublimation Markers


Little Girls Bow
Yes, I know we are barely past Valentine's Day, but as a crafter I am already looking ahead to St Patrick's Day. Have you ever wanted a way to dress up a cheerleader style bow? I have! So I grabbed some Artesprix Sublimation Markers and got to work. This project was a lot of fun and the little hands helping me out loved it too. 

DIY St Patty's Day Bow

 Supplies Needed:

Sublimation Markers

Start by cutting the copy paper to 2.5 inches. Mark off the design area using a pencil. (Don't use a marker- it might transfer when pressing). 

Use the Black Fine Tip Sublimation Marker to draw the clover design, then fill in with the Clover Green. Add random dots in the design area using the yellow marker. 

Getting ready to heat press

Use the Heat Tape to adhere the ribbon over the design area. Cut a piece of protective paper wide enough to fold over the copy paper making a "sandwich". Make sure both sides are covered. Flip this over so the copy paper is now on top of the ribbon (closest to the heat plate).

Press with your heat press of choice. 

DIY Cheerleader Bow

There are lots of ways to make a cheerleader style bow. This video is my favorite- she shows just how to do it! It's kind of awkward the first couple of times you try, but it is really pretty easy with a little bit of practice!

Sublimation Ribbon

So, trying to get a great photo of a hair bow on a wiggling 7 year old is hard y'all! This was the best out of about 40 shots! She is so silly!


 Do you love ribbons like I do? Gwen Studios Ribbons are available at Wal-Mart.


  1. I love that you put ribbon and sublimation together.

  2. It is so cute! Especially on that little model you have there! ❤️ 💜

  3. Wonderful bow. I really want to give sublimation a go, but I am terrified

    1. You should give these markers a try! They are seriously so easy to use and you will love the results. Artesprix is a fantastic company!