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Spring Floral Hoop


Ribbon Hoop
Mother's day is coming up and I am always on the lookout for fun porch decor for my mom. She has a very large porch on her victorian home. She spends a lot of time porch sitting and relaxing. I hope she loves this spring floral hoop. She gets a nice breeze blowing across the porch so I think this will be perfect. 

Gwen Studios Ribbon



paper flowers

I cut lengths of ribbon 24 inches long from a all the rolls, between 3 and 6 each. Using low temp glue - because I will get it on my fingers every single time- I started layering the ribbons on the hoop. 


Spring Florals

Once the ribbons were all in place I trimmed the tops of the ribbons close to the hoop. I didn't worry about getting them perfectly even because I knew that the flowers would hide the edge. 


Flowers and Ribbons

 I dug through my supply of flowers and pulled out a bunch of spring pastel colors. I just grabbed a mix of small and large flowers and some brads. I love layering Prima flowers! I like to stack an assortment and then attach them with a brad. Once all that was done I adhered a line of flowers to extend past the ribbons on both sides. 

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inspiration using Gwen Studios Ribbons. 

Gwen Studios Ribbons are available exclusively at Wal-mart. 
You can shop for them online and in person. 


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