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Handmade Holiday with Fairfield World Fusiboo

This month I had the opportunity to work with some wonderful materials from Fairfield World Inc. I wanted to try the Fusi-boo Fusible Blended Fiber Batting.  I HATE pinning when I am working with batting so I figured this would be perfect stuff!

I had some super cute little quilted tags I wanted to make for this upcoming Christmas season, so I figured it was the perfect time to give it a try.

 I have had this fabric for a while and I wanted to use it in my Christmas decor this year. I also wanted to have some very cute hand made gift tags for the goodie bags I give out every year. These were SOOO quick to make y'all!

I used minimal supplies- Fusi-boo, my fabric and some plain canvas for backing, scissors and a waterproof pen.

I started by fusing my fabrics together by following the directions on the Fusi-boo package. I made a template, traced it on the fabric and cut out with my pinking shears.

Cute, yes? Next up I stitched them together using a plain straight stitch around the edges to secure.

I added a hanging loop and a bow at the top.

I used a waterproof pen to add my message to the back. I'll also add names when I get ready to use them. For the moment, I have them hanging on my centerpiece- just looking pretty!

Fairfield World has some AMAZING products, I am having so much fun playing with them. If you have not checked them out lately, you are going to want to see what they have to offer for yourself.

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Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today- I hope you have a wonderful weekend and do some fun crafting!


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