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How to Etch an IKEA Lantern

Etched glass lantern
Do you love IKEA? I mean, who doesn't love IKEA right? I just cannot resist browsing through all the fun things they have in that store! I picked up this pretty lantern the last time I was there and I knew it would be perfect to etch. Here is my how to- I hope you give it a try!

etching stencil
I started by using my Silhouette Cameo to make a stencil out of etchmask®. I love how well etchmask® performs- I have tried several other materials over the years and I never like how they perform, or how hard they are to use. Trust me and stick with etchmask®!

getting ready to etch

Transfer the stencil to your project using transfer paper. I normally transfer the whole sheet and then weed, but this was such a simple design that I weeded first and then transferred.  Mask off any areas you do NOT want to accidentally etch with masking tape.

etching creme
Apply etchall® etch creme and allow it to sit 15 minutes. Scrape the excess back into the jar (It's reusable!) and rinse under water. Because I didn't want to accidentally get creme on the other glass panels, I removed this panel before rinsing. Now, I really should have thought about that BEFORE I put the creme on there- but it worked out OK in the end!

White Rub-n-buff
I used White Rub-n-Buff on the design before I removed the stencil. I just prefer doing it this way, then I can remove the stencil and not worry about getting the color anywhere else.

Spring lantern
There you have it!  This is going to look great in my spring decorating. I rarely use actual candles, because the giant hounds have giant tails that tend to knock things over. So I filled the lantern with some pretty flowers I picked up a while back for another project.

Be sure to check out the etchall® Facebook page for more great ideas. Happy etching!