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DIY Etched Juice Pitcher

Etched juice pitcher
Do you love juice as much as I do? I start every morning with a glass of orange juice. It really gets my morning started and helps wake me up. I also love pretty things so of course I needed a better way to serve juice than the container it comes it. Enter my DIY etched juice pitcher. I picked up this glass pitcher at IKEA - for like 4 bucks. I love it!

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I used etchall® etching creme for this project. I love that is is re-usable and that even kids can use it. I have used it at my Girl Scout Camp several times for our campers ages 4-12 to make projects. They love it! So if you have kids be sure to pick some up for those upcoming summer projects. etchall® is also available as a dip.

creating custom stencils
I started by cutting a stencil using my Silhouette Cameo machine. I love this machine y'all! I have made so many amazing projects with it over the years. I also teach classes! So if you are in the Dallas area please contact me to schedule a group or private class.

My stencil material is etchmask.
  • Glossy adhesive vinyl used for creating stencils.
  • Adheres to glass surfaces preventing etchall® etching crème or etchall® dip ‘n etch to slide underneath.
  • Compatible with all digital craft cutters such as Silhouette SD, Cameo, Cricut, etc. 
etchall® etching creme
Apply the etchmask to your project and spread the etching creme over the open areas. I am a messy spreader so I like to apply masking tape around my stencil to make sure I don't accidentally etch areas I don't want to! Allow to sit for 15 minutes (or more if you are like me and tend to get distracted by something else and forget it is on there 😄). Scrape the creme back into the original jar and then rinse under running water. Don't worry! Water deactivates the creme so it is safe for your pipes.

Rub n buff accents
For this project I wanted some extra contrast on the etch. To get this I applied White Rub-n-Buff over the etched area BEFORE I removed the etchmask. Leaving the mask in place just makes it easier to apply.

Orange juice pitcher
There you have it! This project took less than an hour from start to finish - even with me getting side tracked on something else while the etching creme was sitting! I hope you give this a try.

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