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Thin Blue Line Decor

 Although my hubs would like to keep it a secret, I am very proud of the fact that he is a police officer. He has 23 years on the job, and this is after he spent 20+ years in the Marine Corps. He has 43+ years of public service under his belt - and I could not be more proud of him.  We have almost nothing in our home that reflects his job. As he gets closer to retirement I am starting to add some decor. This DIY Thin Blue Line wall hanging is the perfect start. It was easy to make with my Cameo Silhouette and a few supplies I already had on hand.

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I started with a wood panel from Plaid® Crafts and applied two coats of Wicker White Acrylic Paint. I received these new Base Coating brushes from Plaid to try out and they are really wonderful. I have some larger brushes to base coat with, but these are wide AND thicker than normal. They lay down a nice coat of paint without leaving brush strokes. Allow the first to dry completely before adding the second coat and make sure the paint is completely dry before attempting to apply the cut vinyl!

I created a simple file using my Silhouette Cameo 4. The hardest part was getting a good trace of the hubs badge. I finally gave up and pulled a shape from the internet that was really close, and traced that shape.  I used StyletechCraft™ for this project: Glossy Black and Ultra Metallic Blue. Transfer the larger design onto the base using your favorite transfer tape/paper. I like both and use them for different things. For this project I used both - transfer paper to apply the large design and transfer tape to add the small detail stripe.

There you have it! I can't wait to add this to my gallery wall.

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