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Dot Painted Easter T-shirt - The Perfect Kid's Craft

Painted shirt
Are you sheltering at home and looking for new things to keep kids occupied? This is the perfect craft for you! You probably have everything you need on hand for this project. My princess loved doing these. It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Kids crafts
I cut the bunny shape from freezer paper using my Cameo 4; the glossy vinyl setting works perfectly. Iron the pattern down on the shirt - shiny side down. Don't worry- it will not leave a residue when you pick it up. Freezer paper is a GREAT temporary stencil on fabric. I use it for all kinds of things.

Craft paint
Next up is paint. Although I love the Plaid Fabric Paints, I didn't have the right colors on hand for this project. Craft paint works  great too. This will not last forever- but it will last well beyond the point where she outgrows the shirt. Now- this is important - put a layer of waxed paper, or freezer paper, or a piece of cardboard inside the shirt! I TOTALLY forgot to do this with the first shirt we did- and the paint bled through to the back. So it's now a night shirt 😀😀  Learn from my mistakes!! 

Monogrammed shirt
Grab some pencils and start dotting - kids love this! The only real rule is you want to make sure that there is a solid line around the stencil so when you pick the stencil up the outline is clear. Other than that- let them go at it! We worked with one color at a time, all the way around the stencil, then moved on to a new color. At the end (when she had lost interest!) I filled in a few bare spaces. Let it dry overnight.

Iron on letters

I used Joy® Iron-on Letters to add the words "hop hop" to the shirt, just inside the outline. Have you ever tried heat resistant tape when working with vinyl or other items that need to be ironed on? It is a life saver at times. When I am working with iron on letters I can put them where I want, then tape them down. This way I don't have to worry about them shifting when I am putting a pressing cloth on top. The tape leaves no residue and is really cheap. You can pick some up here.

That's it! Cute shirt for a super cute princess and one afternoon of shelter in place taken care of :)

You can find a wide selection of Joy® embroidered iron-on letters and alphabet sheets in different sizes and colors at your local crafts store.

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