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Easter Treat Bags using StyleTechCraft™

Easter Treat bags

Hey y'all - are you surviving the "shelter in place"?  I hope you are getting some quality craft time in. I have been spending quite a bit of time in my studio and getting lots done! Today's project are these super cute Easter treat bags that I made with StyleTechCraft™ vinyl and some small bags I picked up at the craft store a while ago.

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I am super happy to be working with StyleTechCraft™ again. They have the best vinyl - hands down - that I have ever worked with. If you have not tried it you should get some ASAP. You will love it. You can order some from atsmcraft - they have a wide selection of StyleTechCraft® products!

metallic vinyl
I started with several cut files from The Silhouette Store (listed below) and several colors of Polished Metal, Glossy Craft Vinyl, and Ultra Metallics. I sized my eggs to a little over 1" tall (yes they are TINY!!) and spaced them out in the software. Next up I cut my vinyl colors to slightly smaller than 2x2 squares and place them on my cutting mat. I used the Polished metal for the bottom layer of the eggs and Ultra Metallics for the top decorative layer. After cutting I left all the pieces on my mat to weed them- the eggs are NOT all the same shape and I didn't want to have to match them up later! Up next - the bunnies and the grass. That grass was a major PAIN. What was I thinking!!!
Have you tried the Cameo 4 yet? I LOVE mine! Check out the sale bundles and pick one up for yourself. 
  • Grass Border
  • 3 Easter Eggs
  • Easter Eggs
  • Bunny Tail

Easter bunny

But look how cute they are! I really wanted to use small white pom poms on the bunnies and make them facing away, but I didn't have any white pom poms and every thing is closed! So, I dug out some google eyes and used mini Glue Dots to adhere them. They are comical looking- but they are going to 5 year olds, so I don't think they will mind!

Easter eggs
I ended up with 18 different eggs in a variety of colors. I randomly applied them to the bags - with no apparent order. Remember- 5 year olds.

Easter celebration
I finished them off with cute seam binding bows and some flower embellishments I have had forever. Like, literally, for ever. Those were both added with hot glue. Some cute tissue paper to finish them off and they are ready to get their chocolate bunnies. 

Polished Metal Vinyl: Silver #493HM, Sky Blue #451HM, Rosy #437HM, Ruby #435HM, Teal #470HM, Orange #461 HM
Ultra Metallic Vinyl: Tiff Blue #166, Sea Foam Green #160, White #149, Coral #150, Purple #142, Melon #133
Craft Vinyl: Medium Green #445, Brown #448

Check out the StyleTechCraft™ blog for some amazing ideas from our talented designers. 

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