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DIY Christmas with Kunin Felt


Christmas Garland
It's Christmas time so that means new decorations to mix with the old. My sweet princess has a Candy Land themed tree here at our house. I used Kunin Felt to make a super cute Christmas garland for her tree. She loves the color combo of pink and aqua so those are the colors I concentrate on. For this project I added in some white as well. 

Kunin Felt

Kunin felts and fabrics are made in the U.S.A. of Eco-fi® 100% polyester fiber, made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.

Felt Crafts
I started with 3 colors of felt and an older Sizzix die. Like really older. As in for the old red Sizzix machine from the stone age! I love those dies and use them all the time.  Anyway,, Aqua, Pink, and White felt and lots and lots of circles!

Cutting Circles

I cut 20 circles of each size from each color of felt. Which got me 240 circles- so more than enough. I love that I can cut multiple layers at a time with these steel rule dies. It really makes projects like this go quicker. 

Felt Circles

I mixed all the pieces up pretty well. I wanted a truly organic look and did not plan any pattern for the garland. I just grabbed from a pile as I sewed. There were 4 sizes of each color so it ended pretty easy to sew them randomly and still look great. 


Sewing it all together was pretty easy too. This is a great project for a beginner sewer. The machine does most of the work and all you have to do is feed the circles in. I had the speed set to pretty slow. I am really trying to spend more time enjoying the process instead of just rushing through. I used my Brother Sewing Machine - I love this thing. It is a workhorse!!


Felt Garland

Ta-da! I used a medium stitch length for this garland and a cotton quilting thread on top and bottom. I cut the garland into manageable lengths and headed to the tree. 

Candy Land Decor
Modern Christmas

It looks great with and without lights! I love it. I think I may need a to do a few more feet to get the coverage I want on the tree though. 

Be sure to check out all the fun projects made by the Designer Crafts Connection Designers.  We have such a talented crew and I am always blown away by their creativity! 



  1. This is great, I might have to give it a go. Also makes a good beginner sewing project.

  2. Anita, love your color choices, such a pretty garland! Thank you!
    Kunin Felt Brand

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