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4th of July Wall Decor

Create a fun piece of wall decor to celebrate the 4th of July!

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USA Decor
How fun is this? Do you love to change out your home decor pieces with every holiday like I do? I am always looking for fun new pieces to put out each month. Creating this one was fun and fairly quick. Please see the bottom of the post for the supplies I used.

Base Coating wood
I started with a premade wood base from the local big box craft store. I used a base coat of Cottage White Pickling Wash by FolkArt. I was not concerned with getting a smooth coat of paint and really just brushed it on at will.

Modeling paste
Have you tried this stencil paste yet? I was able to try it back at Creativation in January and I LOVE it! It is so smooth and lightweight and drys super quick. It is really easy to spread over the stencil and I have not had it leak under the stencil at all. Give it a try, you will love it!

Using a stencil
After the paste was dry I used a dollar store make up sponge to very lightly brush paint across it. I love how much texture this gives a project!

Dragonfly Glaze
I used a piece of chipboard from the {a vintage girl} line and base coated it with light gray paint. I lightly sponged on a brown paint randomly and then added a splotches of the new Dragonfly Glaze from Plaid. This stuff is awesome y'all. It is a color shifting glitter that you can add on top of other paints. 

Embroidered letters
See that sparkle at the top of the chipboard piece? That's the Dragonfly Glaze!  I added the chipboard to the base using a low temp glue gun, then added my Joy® Iron on Embroidered Letters. The letters are SELF STICK y'all so they are easy to use in craft projects like this one. 

I used a 3D Foam Star from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L and coated one side with a bright blue glitter. I removed the backing from the other side and added it to my ribbon. 

Plaid Craft Paints

I used the following supplies on this project:

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