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DIY Upcycled Candlesticks using Chalk Paint

Do you have a set of those cherry finished candlesticks hidden in the back of the garage? So did I until I saw a fabulous set of white candlesticks in a catalogue that were outrageously priced. CLICK! My brain immediately went to the set I had in the donation box. I knew with a little TLC my old candlesticks would look fabulous. I upcycled them using Folk Art Chalk Paint and this project was a breeze!

Here's what I started with. I bought these years ago and they served faithfully on my mantel until a few months ago when they were relegated to the garage and the donation box. Using Folk Art Chalk requires no prep work! Which is my favorite. I started by putting a thin coat on each candlestick- I had SIX of these things. I used a turntable from my former cake decorating days to make this process easier. It came in pretty handy!

Here I am half way through the process. I applied two coats of the base paint, letting them dry between coats. All in all it was pretty quick for each step, but the dry time was a little tedious. Waiting on paint to dry - the crafting life!

 I had the hubs cut squares from pine in three sizes; 6", 7", and 8". I positioned each candlestick upside down on the squares and traced a circle for reference.  Adhere using hot glue and then add two coats of paint to the squares to make the platforms,

Because I didn't want a stark all white candlestick I applied a light coat of glaze to them. I mixed two colors of chalk paint together and thinned it with a little bit of water. Using a wet rag I applied it in small sections.

After applying a bit of the glaze I used the wet rag to spread it out. If there was a stubborn spot I used a wet wipe to take off the excess.

Here is the final look of the glaze. This process did take a bit as I only wanted to work in small sections. This allowed me to work each section while it was still wet.

Here are the two paints that make up the glaze. I mixed them 50/50 and then thinned with a bit of water to make it more workable.

I love how they turned out! They are perfect for my Easter Tree. I can't wait to use them with my tree for the rest of the year- we decorate it for every holiday!

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